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Our Team

Maryanne Wachira

Maryanne Wachira is the Co-director of the Deep Democracy Institute Kenya. Her passion for assisting people in expressing who they are led her to DDI Kenya, and her depth and centeredness made her director. Maryanne is the owner and president of "Edited Expression", a professional editing and writing company in Nairobi. She has directed numerous media projects within the non-profit sector, editing and supervising the production of newsletters, etc., to support individuals and groups to come out with who they are. Her vision is to use words artistically to convey transcendent experiences such as hope and inspiration that can transform lives.  Maryanne worked as Operations Manager for IEC Strategy Ltd., where she implemented and managed communication programs to assist international development organizations to have more impact in the communities they work in, better relations with their partners and supporters, and greater media presence. She is currently involved in various media projects for social and community development, and has been involved in editing a large variety of books and information manuals, including “How to run a Successful ‘Akiba na Mkopo’ Group” (Legacy Books Press, 2005).

Florence Champin

Florence Champin is the Co-director of DDI East Africa and spiritus rector of the DDI Network in East Africa. Florence championed the first seminar for DDI in 2009 and has used her experience and network to create a Deep Democracy network that is starting to spread over East Africa. A native French, Florence has over 15 years experience in living and working in many parts of Africa in conflict affected countries in her work for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).


Ellen and Max Schupbach

Drs. Ellen and Max Schupbach are the training directors of the 3 year leadership rogram in Kenya.  Drs. Ellen and Max Schupbach are both co-founders of Deep Democracy Institute International. Ellen and Max serve as the Deep Democracy Institute's Executive Director and President respectively.


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